The Jeep YJ was necessary because people kept suing AMC | Hemmings Daily

Automakers regularly freshen their products for a variety of reasons, and they do it often. Honda, after all, is on the 10th generation of its Accord
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[Some backstory on the “Yuppie Jeep.” I didn’t know there was such ire involved. I worked a lot of background this summer with mine, so look for us on CW Legacies’s ’80s episode, plus recently released Tarantino-style epic gearhead gang fantasy Reprisal on Hulu!]


Ford what have you done!

People think the new all-electric Mustang is a parody, something out of The Onion. But it’s not April Fool’s Day.

And I actually like the little mid-70s #MustangII that was wheeled out after the Arab Oil Embargo.

But my first thought was, this does not look like a Mustang … Oh just see for yourself, search for #EMustang. 😢 I weep for the brand. 🐎